“Contact Parent” meeting

On 10th November, 2012, Contact parents from all over Bulgaria gathered in Plovdiv. The meeting was held at the Complex for social services for children and families, financed by the “Programme for support of children and families in the community aimed at prevention of child institutionalisation” of Tulip Foundation and Oak Foundation.

During the meeting the Contact parents shared examples from their personal experience and the difficulties that occurred. Psychological approaches towards new parents were discussed, as well as the moral and the ethical aspects in the contact parent work were considered.

At the meeting ALA Association acquainted the Contact parents with the results from their work from the past period, namely:

  • 10 families who decided not to terminate their pregnancy because of a diagnosed facial anomaly;
  • 2 children who have been brought back to their families after they were abandoned at an orphanage;
  • Assistance rendered to 120 families.

It was the professional and the priceless support of the Contact parents that led to their winning the award of Tulip Foundation for a social project of 2011.