“Contact Parent” Training 27-29 April 2012


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From 27 (Friday) to 29 (Sunday) April 2012 Association ALA organizes a “Contact Parent” Training course for new parents in Plovidiv. Until this moment there are 11 contact parents in Bulgaria, thanks to whom several children were not abandoned in orphanages by their parents and a lot of families got support and information.

Lectors in the training will be Mr. Gareth Davis and Ms. Iliana Mavrodieva. Dr. Anastassov and other members of the multidisciplinary team will take part with specialized presentations. Everything that parents learn from the training helps them to be better contact parents and to choose the way to deal with the challenges in raising their own children.

Родители споделят опит помежду си Част от голямото семейство на АЛА Кръгла маса за дебати
На треининга присъства и Сузана Мунариз Дебати с родители Гарет Дейвис
The course will cover:

  • Motivation to become a Contact Parent
  • Potential Emotional Responses on different family members
  • Potential Emotional Responses on the Contact Parent
  • Basic listening skills. The Art of Asking
  • Limits for good listening. Case scenarios and role-play games
  • Potential Emotional Responses to cleft lip/palate
  • Differences and prejudices
  • Early Care and feeding issues
  • Contact with the multidisciplinary team
  • Parent contact Co-ordination with cleft teams
  • Time management and Boundaries
  • Staying in touch and asking for help
  • Child protection
  • Information protection
  • Personal Safety

The training is fully financed by the “Tulip” Foundation under the project “Prevention of child institutionalization”. The parents who participate in the course have covered transport expenses, accommodation for 2 nights and food. It is also provided child care and food for over 1 year old children.

Dear parents, take advantage from this opportunity to enrich your knowledge and experience! Participating in the training does not necessarily mean that you have to become a contact parent. It is possible after the course that you would not able to deal with this responsibility. The engagement is absolutely voluntary and should be accomplished only when you are ready to.

Everyone who would like to take part in the training, need to fill in the application form that could be found on ALA’s website or in the Unit.