Сред децата на АЛА

Iliyana Mavrodieva is retiring from ALA Board of Members

Dear ALA members and friends,

As most of you already know, I am retiring from ALA Board of Members. Unfortunately, for the last few months I have realized that being situated in Sofia prevents me from being as proficient in my work as I would like to. The distance could be, to a great extent, a problem provided fast reaction is required as, for example, used to be the case when submitting papers and documentation for competition projects announced and financed by European funds. So far I have coped with situations requiring prompt reactions but there is no guarantee whatsoever that I will always stay successful. I realized that I would feel awful if, in a similar situation, it happened that I would impede the ALA chances for funding and development.

With ALA's children

As a member of ALA Board, together with the team and with your help, we have managed to carry out the activities of our organization and achieve good results so far. Of course, I do not consider my retirement as final and I will continue to support and help the activities and revelopment of ALA, as well as the Contact Parents as their supervisor.

I feel confident, knowing that Jana Angelova is taking my place. Jana has long been part of ALA team and she is the one who is acquainted in detail with the overall work of the Association. I am definitely sure that she will have your support and together you will all achieve a lot more positive results for ALA and for everybody affected by facial anomalies.

I would like to thank you for the empathy and support you have given me!

I wish you happy holidays and a very successful and smiley New 2012!

Best regards,

Iliyana Mavrodieva