Association ALA received the Award Project of the Year 2011

For a seventh successive year Tulip Foundation awards the best social projects implemented in Bulgaria. The awarded projects were selected among 31 projects implemented all over the country.

This year the best projects were selected by a jury with the following members:

The criteria for the selection were: achieved results, financial efficiency, innovative approach and applicability of the idea to other communities in the country.

The Project “Contact Parents Network” run by Association of Patients with Facial Abnormalities and their Parents – ALA, Plovdiv was presented by Ambassador Höpfner and Daniela Petkova. The aim of the project is to provide qualitative prevention of abandonment of children with disabilities and facial abnormalities through creating a parent’s network for countenance. Parents of children with disabilities were trained and prepared so that they will give psychological support to parents of new born babies with disabilities. As a result of the work of the 16 trained parents a total of 83 families asked for support since the beginning of the project; 2 children with facial anomalies that were placed in institutions have returned back to their families; 9 pregnant women were prenatal diagnosed but didn’t aborted and kept their born babies. Jana Angelova, President of ALA Association received the award accompanied by people from the project team and some of the contact parents.

Media partner of the event was BNT.