The SmileTrain


The SmileTrain has been a partner of ALA and the Medical University of Plovdiv since year 2000, when patients with facial anomalies really needed support. At this time planned operations were banned and there was a serious crisis in the National Healthcare System. The partnership between SmileTrain and ALA started by sponsoring surgical treatment of Bulgarian children with facial anomalies. The financial resources were spent on buying consumables and other medical materials, instruments and medical equipment. Afterwards there were given grants for orthodontics, speech therapy and for exchange programs for surgeons and orthodontists.

From the end of 2011 SmileTrain is securing financial recourses for perianaesthesiologic care in the Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Unit in Plovdiv.

SmileTrain is the main partner of ALA though all these years and this partnership is considered to be essential for our work (see also the story of ALA).