For more that 15 years Association ALA with the help of many friends, supporters and parents, supports the Plastic and  Craniofacial Surgery Unit of the University Hospital “St. George” in Plovdiv. By this moment there have been done several essential improvements in the Unit and that all the patients could take advantage of – replacement of the old windows, reconstruction of 2 patient bathrooms, children’s corner, air conditioners in the patient rooms, etc.

To accomplish our aims for 2012, we count on your support whether financial (Donate Now), work or lobby and contacting companies (Contact).

To insure the normal every day functioning of the Unit and the adequate treatment and rehabilitation of our patients, it is necessary to have:

Dental Unit (6000 BGN);
Renovating 2 bathrooms of 2 patient rooms and changing the doors;
Repainting of 4 patient rooms;
Changing the flooring of 4 patient rooms – linoleum;
Repainting parts of the Unit;
Autoclave (5000 BGN).