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Three years plan for financing the Orthodontic treatment and the Speech therapy of the children with cleft lip and palate

Асоциация АЛА
The SmileTrain
Association ALA
The SmileTrain
European Cleft Organisation

Dear Parents,

The surgical treatment is not the only treatment that most of the children with cleft lip and/or palate need. Almost all the children with clefts will need orthodontic and/or speech therapy. For now the National Health Insurance system does not provide any funds covering fully or partially either the orthodontic treatment or the speech therapy.

Even for the surgical treatment ALA and its main partners (SmileTrain and ECO) provide support in buying medical consumables and equipment for the Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Unit of the University Hospital “St. George” in Plovidv where 90% of the CLP children are treated.

Since the end of 2011 through the American organization SmileTrain, the anesthetic care expenses in the Unit have been covered. This significantly improved the conditions for surgical treatment.

Since 2012 and for the next 2 years Association ALA offers to all families of children with clefts to take the opportunity and apply for financial support of speech therapy and/or orthodontic treatment for their children from 3 to 18 years. In case you would like to apply, you need to attach the following documentation:

Application form
Application form to ALA’s Board of Members – until April 1st every year.
Orthodontic file
Speech therapy file

Medical (for speech therapy or orthodontic treatment) file of the child.

The file should be filled in by ALA’s trusted specialists.

Criteria for patient selection are: necessity of treatment, child age, for the orthodontic treatment – good oral hygiene.

The co-financing could be full or partial depending on ALA’s Board of Members decision. It is necessary that the family participate with a symbolic amount as a guarantee for their engagement to have regular visits to specialists. In the end of every year this money could be returned to parents depending on the level of co-financing, determined in the beginning of the child’s treatment.

For now the financial range of the project covers the support of 45 children for speech therapy and other 30 for orthodontic treatment.

An additional aim of ALA is to show a pilot example to the community and the National Health Insurance Fund or other private funds the necessity and efficiency of this treatment.

Appropriate medical files are indispensable not only for preparing expenses reports for the sponsors and partners, but they also guarantee the quality of the treatment itself. This is why ALA together with the Medical University in Plovdiv is developing a website-based National Register of Patients with Facial Anomalies which will start up in 2012.

More information about the program as well as the application form to ALA’s Board of Members and the medical file (for speech therapy and/or for orthodontic treatment) could be downloaded from ALA’s website or could be taken from the Unit.

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